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Music Videos:

  • PNAU "Changa" 2018 - Director Ben Kutsko - Key Makeup + Blacklight Body Makeup
  • AJR "Burn The House Down" and "Role Models" 2018 - Director The Mitchells and Spencor Hord
  • Fallout Boy "Church" 2018 - Director Daveion Thompson - Key Makeup + Male Grooming
  • PNAU "Go BANG!" 2017 - Toby & Pete - Key Makeup + Blacklight Body Makeup
  • Jidenna "Bambi" 2017 - Director Dano Cerny - Key Makeup + Male Grooming
  • DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber "Let Me Love You" 2016 - Director James Lees - Assisted Georgina Hamed - Hair + Makeup
  • PNAU "Chameleon" 2016 - Director Nick Littlemore (Empire of the Sun) - Key Makeup + SFX + Body Makeup
  • Mark Stoermer "Blood and Guts" 2016 - Director Charlotte Kemp Muhl ft. Adan Jodorowski - Key Makeup + Body Makeup + Male Grooming
  • Empire of the Sun "High and Low" 2016 - Directors Sam Mason + Guto Terni - Key Makeup + Male Grooming
  • Lana Del Rey "Freak" 2016 - Directors Lana Del Rey + Jonas Moralas + Deon Boyce - Assisted Pamela Cochrane + Georgina Hamed - Makeup + Body Makeup
  • Zayn Malik "It's You" 2016 - Director Ryan Hope - Assisted Georgina Hamed - Makeup
  • DJ Destructo ft. Ty Dolla $ign & ILOVEMAKONNEN "4Real" 2016 - Director Agata Alexander - Key Makeup + SFX + Male Grooming
  • Onsen "Follow the Numbers" ft. Gates McFadden + "Peggy Lee" 2016 - Director Andy Byers - Key Makeup + Hair + Male Grooming
  • The Decemberists "Make You Butter" ft. Nick Offerman 2014 - Director Bill Fishman - Assisted Teal Druda - Hair + Makeup
  • Selina Gomez "The Heart Wants What it Wants" 2014 - Director Dawn Shadforth - Assisted Georgi Hamed - Makeup + Nails
  • Trey Songz ft. Nicki Minaj "Touchin' Lovin'" 2014 - Director Jason Zada - Assisted Jill Fogel - Makeup + Male Grooming + Nails + Body Makeup
  • Nicole Sherzinger "Your Love (Makes Me Feel Like)" 2014 - Director Dawn Shadforth - Makeup for Dancers
  • Chromeo "Jealous (I Ain't With It)" - Director Ryan Hope + "Old 45's" - Director Dugan O'Neal 2014 - Assisted Georgina Hamed
  • Jennifer Hudson ft. T.I.  "The Way I Feel" 2014 - Director Anthony Mandler - Makeup for Dancers
  • Lana Del Rey's Short Film "Tropico" 2013 - Director Anthony Mandler - Assisted Pamela Cochrane - Personal to Shaun Ross - Makeup + Body Makeup + Male Grooming
  • Demi Lovato's "Neon Lights" 2013 - Directors Ryan Pallota + Anthony Mandler - Face and Body Makeup for Dancers
  • Empire of the Sun "DNA" + "Alive" (BadRobot) 2013 - Key Makeup Artist with Aurora Bergere


  • Jimmy Kimmel May 2018 - Makeup for Lilly Singh
  • VOGUE 73 Questions With Lilly Singh
  • WeDay 2017 Makeup for iiSuperWomanii Lilly Singh
  • Hard Summer Music Festival 2017 Trailer - Staring DJ Snake, Kayzo, Claude Vonstroke, What So Not and Party Favor - Directed by Agata Alexander - Makeup, Hair + SFX
  • Adult Swim 2016: Sonic "Museum of Great Tastes" Commercial, Dorito's Mix "Mason Moves", Dunkin Donuts Spot and "Office Christmas Party" Promo - All 4 Directed by Paul Cummings - Key Makeup + Hair
  • Adult Swim Multiple Reaccuring "FunArts" Commercial Spots for Dorito's, Chili's, Denny's, TMobile, Subway, Carl's Jr., Arby's, Hardee's, Taco Bell, Fruit of the Loom and Little Ceasars 2013-Present - Directed by Paul B. Cummings - Key Hair, Makeup + Male Grooming
  • The Ellen Show ft. Empire of the Sun April 2016 - Key Makeup + Hair
  • MTV Pilot "Slut v. Prude" 2015 - Starring Allison Raskin & Gaby Dunn  - Makeup Dept. Head
  • Estee Lauder Sponsored I Love Makeup YouTube Series "Makeup Call" 2015 - Starring Allison Raskin, Teala Dunn and Marri Savinar - Makeup Dept. Head 
  • Adult Swim Subway Commercial 2015 - Key Makeup, Hair + Male Grooming - Director Paul B. Cummings
  • Estee Lauder Sponsored I Love Makeup YouTube Series "Lana Steele Makeup Spy" 2015- ft. iiSuperwomanii Lilly Singh. - Makeup Dept. Head
  • KCET Music Segments - Makeup + Hair - Filling in for Key Jill Fogel - March 2015
  • New York web series "Verbatim" - Directed by Brett Weiner. - Key Makeup + Hair
  • Hollywood Babble-On with Kevin Smith + Ralph Garman. Day Checking for Key Makeup, Hair + Male Groomer - Emily Dawn
  • Adult Swim State Farm "Super Steve Frost" Commercial June 2014 - Key Makeup + Hair. Director - Paul B. Cummings
  • Adult Swim VirginMobile Commercial June 2014 - Key Makeup, Hair + Male Grooming for metal band "Exmortus". Director - Paul B. Cummings
  • PSA ft. Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato for "We Day" 2013 - Makeup for Extras
  • Jay Leno Tonight's Show ft. Empire of the Sun November 2013 - Key Makeup
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live Show ft. Empire of the Sun 2013 - Key Makeup and Hair
  • Adult Swim Original DVD Release Commercials for Robocop 2013 and Wolverine 2014. Directed by Paul B. Cummings
  • Spoilers ft. Kevin Smith - Assisting Emily Dawn with Special Guests: Robert Rodriguez, Mark Duplass, Jane Lynch, Jason Mewes and Carrie Fisher
  • "Jilted" and "Text Offender" Web Series 2013-2014 - Key Makeup
  • Maybelline StylehaulYT "Recreate the Runway" - Makeup Assist
  • MTVX "Status Updates" Web-Series - Key Hair and Makeup 
  • Young Hollywood ft. Arsenio Hall - Male Grooming
  • Disney's Original Web-Series "Power-Up" ft. Christina Grimmie - Key Makeup


Volition, Plastik, People, Darling, Huff,,, Makeup Artist Magazine, Lucy's, Sequoia Emmanuelle's Photography Book "Duende", LA Weekly, Ellements, Tantalum, Kneon, Auxiliary, AVA, Coachella Magazine CAMP, Flaunt UK, TispyZine, Live Fast, Papercut, Dark Beauty, Sessions, Giuseppina, Twisted Lamb and more

Print/Fashion/Commercial Ads:

  • Lilly Singh iiSuperwomanii 2017 and 2018 Merch Photoshoots - Makeup
  • Sexy Hair 2018, 2016, 2015 and 2014 Campaigns - Assisting Teal Druda Makeup
  • JINX Spring 2018 Campaign - Makeup
  • Noa Elle Spring 2017 + Holiday 2016 Camgaign - Key Makeup and Hair
  • Perk Skincare 2016 Campaign - Key Makeup and Hair
  • Ghost & Stars Apparel - Anna Akana Fashion Line 2015 Lookbook - Key Makeup 
  • Splash Kingdom Commercial 2015 - Key Makeup + Hair
  • Internal Intel Video for 2015 Employee Seminars - Key Makeup, Hair + Male Grooming
  • Two Bit Circus 2015 Advertising Campaigne
  • Opal Moon 2015 Fashion Film - Key Makeup
  • Guess Marciano Summer/Spring 2014 Lookbook - Assisting Emily Dawn Makeup + Hair
  • Sparrow Leather Fall 2014 Lookbook - Key Makeup + Hair
  • Maya Jewelry 2014 Campaign - Key Makeup 
  • Stage Directions June 2012 Zombie Wheel ad for Ben Nye cosmetics - Key Makeup
  • S & G 2011 Campaign and Lookbook - Key Makeup + Hair


  • 4 Bespoke Masks for the Band PNAU to Wear Live in Their 2018 Tour
  • "The Secret Silk" Steven Shwartz Production Directed by John Tartaglia Aboard Princess Cruise Ships 2018-Present Designing and Teaching Makeups to the casts of the Island, Diamond and Royal Ships
  • Grand Openning of King Tut Exhibit at the California Science Center Los Angeles March 2018 - Makeup for Circus Troup "Lucent Dossier"
  • 4 Makeup Demo's at MUD Makeup Designory School March, August & October 2014 as well as February 2018
  • 2017 Aria Awards - Openning Act PNAU Performing "Chameleon" on live TV in Sydney Australia - Key Makeup Artist - Assisted by Cameron Jane and Martin Bray
  • "Magic To Do" Steven Shwartz Broadway Review Aboard Princess Cruise Ships 2015-Present Teaching Makeups to the casts of the Ruby, Emerald and Crown Ships - Designed by Head Cirque du Soleil Makeup Designer Nathalie Gagne
  • 2016 NATVA Awards - Makeup for the Global Leaders of Wella Corp.
  • 2015 NAHA Win for Editorial - J's Hair Studio & Academy - Key Makeup & Artistic Director
  • Burberry "London in Los Angeles" Fashion Show April 2015 - Member of Burberry Team Assisting Key - Wendy Rowe
  • Wella Professional Hair Studio 2014-2015 -  Makeup for Multiple Photoshoots/Graduations 
  • Coachella 2014 - Key Makeup for Circus Troop "Lucent Dossier Experience" Do Lab and Gobi Tent Stages
  • Cirque du Soleil from 2009-Present Multiple Promotional Events (LA Fashion Week, Academy Awards, One Drop Fundraisers, Etc.)
  • Art Show "Epiphinior" at The Syrup Loft in Downtown Los Angeles - Featured Artist
  • J's Hair Studio & Academy Demo's, Classes and Shows in Long Beach, Chicago and Japan
  • iMATS 2009 3rd Place Beauty Fantasy Competition "Battle of the Brushes"

"Ashley – the makeup was flawless – I really had no skin retouching to do – I love it!"  -Angela Marklew, Photographer

"I've had the pleasure of working with Ashley Joy Beck in multiple special events for Cirque du Soleil.  She was one of the makeup artists and made a huge impression on me with her professionalism and talent.  Ashley is a first-rate artist, was always on time (usually the first to arrive), always had a positive, upbeat attitude and smile on her face - even when under the pressure of a time crunch, and represented Cirque du Soleil as the world class organization that it is.  I heartily recommend Ashley Joy Beck.  Anyone would be lucky to collaborate with her.  She is a pro in every sense of the word!"   - Jon Monastero, Cirque du Soleil Clown

 "Ashley is one of my favorite Makeup Artist. I have worked with her several times, and will continue to hire her for future events. She is well educated in her craft, on time, and a pleasure to work with. I can trust that she will produce the level of artistry that my clients desire. She is a must have for any event producer."   - Abigail Puanani Rinderknecht, Producer

"Ashley is top-notch and I would hire her again in a heartbeat.  We brought her on to handle hair and makeup for a short film.  There were approximately 8 talent on the shoot and she did an amazing job getting them all camera-ready on a rather aggressive timeline.  Everyone looked terrific and the work she did creating our lead character was nothing short of incredible."    - Justin Seidner, Producer

"Dear Ashley Joy, I am still reeling from all of the love, generosity & good energy that you bestowed upon me on my sacred wedding day! You are one powerful (& let's not forget talented!) woman!!!  I seriously feel so very blessed to have had your kind spirit during the crazy dischord that was trying to creep in in the precious moments before exchanging our vows.  I believe, in large part thanks to you, that I was in a relaxed, peaceful, loving & spiritual state-of-mind for the ceremony.  It was magical - and Maximo mouthed to me during the ministers speech: "you look beautiful."  Again, thanks to you!"   - Jen Boulden, Green TV Spokesmodel

"Thank you for making me feel beautiful again, Ashley." - Vlada Strange

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